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Why use a collective TNT aerial for your building?

This is the basic aerial service freely available to all and the only way ro receive hertzian TV in the Poitou-Charente after October 2010. Collective equipment is the best option for your building and make life easier fotr your new occupants who, on arrival, will just have to plug in their TV to receive at least 18 free channels.
By installing a collective aerial you avoid the proliferation of aerials on balconies and thereby keep the facade of your building attractive.Take advantage now of the offers on the latest flat screens, new technology in digital imaging, HD, programme guides and very soon dozens of free digital radio stations.

The end of Hertzian television...

What is required to ensure that your building receives the TNT service correctly after the digital switchover?
  • If the building has a maintenance contractany changes to the collective aerial will be carried out by the contacted company and the cost absorbed into the service charges.
  • If the aerial just needs to be adapted, the costs are reduced and a vote by the Assemblée Générale not required.
  • If no maintenance contract is in place, then a vote will be needed and the costs divided amongst the co-owners.

Ar'Scène's Proposal

Ar'Scène offers the following services to the managers of co-owned property or social housing:
  • TV network installations ( either for the free-to-air or subscribed cable and satellite channels) totally independant from equipment suppliers or TV promoters.
  • Quality charters signesd with Orange, Nordnet, Bis, TNTop
  • On-site maintenance after installation.